Outdoor Maths and Literacy

On Thursday, we delivered a one day activity session at Madley Primary School, Herefordshire. The focus of the day was to look at the ways we can deliver areas of the Maths and Literacy curriculum using the special nature of the Outdoor environment.

During the morning we discussed some of the benefits of learning outdoors and looked at the ways we can make learning accessible to all children. We then went outdoors and took part in lots of Maths based activities, looking at number recognition, sorting, measuring, 2D and 3D shapes, data collection and counting. As most of the practitioners on the course were working with Early Years or KS1 groups, the morning was angled towards this age group.

After lunch, we briefly discussed Risk/Benefit assessment and how this applies to Outdoor Learning. Then it was back out for an afternoon of literacy ideas. We looked at word games, adjectives, scavenger hunts, poetry, using stories and creating stories with groups of children.

A lovely day, thanks to all those who attended. More of this one day training coming next year!