Forest School and outdoor learning sessions

We work with Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Special Schools, Community Groups, Private Organisations, Charities and Individuals providing blocks of Forest School sessions or one-off events.

Rooted Forest School can offer a range of sessions and activities tailored to suit your needs.

This can include:

  • Liaising with landowners such as the Woodland Trust to develop new sites
  • Risk assessing sites and activities including high risk activities such as fire and tool use
  • Developing management plans for sites to ensure the sustainability of projects
  • Creating policies and procedures including an emergency plan
  • Maintaining and servicing tools and equipment
  • Planning blocks of sessions and linking these plans to the school curriculum and learning goals
  • Linking Outdoor Learning with history sessions to bring the learning to life e.g. Stone Age, Saxons, Vikings.
  • Evaluating sessions including gathering feedback from participants and feeding this into future planning
  • Safeguarding children and young people and ensuring their safety


We can offer one to one sessions or small group work. We also offer sessions for children/young people to attend with a parent. For a small extra charge we can collect and drop off young people attending one to one sessions.